Digital Asset Custody For Regulated Operators

Fully Insured

Optional best-in-class protections are immediately available from US$5,000,000 to US$100,000,000 and over, underwritten by A rated London-based insurers.

Extensive Crypto Support

Asset coverage is a priority for MetaVault. We support many major digital assets, including ERC20, ERC721 (NFTs), and can add more on demand.


We have a uniquely deep understanding of regulatory requirements and can help you fulfil them, including client segregated accounts, reporting and audits.


As an operator you will have your own specific needs and wants. We have the capacity and capability to tailor our solutions to help you increase revenues.


MetaVault IOM is a joint venture between MetaVault, a leading digital asset custodian, and Solutions Hub, a digital asset and and gambling soecialist. It was formed specifically to focus on and address the needs of gaming and gambling operators across the world.

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MetaVault™ is working with selected partners to offer its services in a number of industries and use-cases.
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